Archery Dress, c. 1820

I totally fell in love with this archery dress in the collection of the Manchester Galleries. (The original dress can be found at the Manchester Galleries web site) The original is wool, but I'll be using linen for mine. I'll be sewing this entirely by hand, with linen thread, and using my own patterns. I do plan to copy the original trimmings, using my fabric and black velvet ribbons.
Dress Diary
I've decided that for my bodice, I want to use the same bodice that I'm using as a base for my Elinor dress. I'll use that as a fitted lining, and then I can just drape the outer layer over that.
I'm making a major change to the original dress: Mine will be in linen, not wool. I could not find the wool in the right colors, and am anxious to get started on this dress!
Well, I've had my fabric for almost two months, and a satisfactory draped mock-up of the bodice for nearly as long, but somehow, I hadn't got around to updating this page! So, I give you. . .

My fabric:
And, my most recent mock-up:
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